Wow... What a Crazy 2 Weeks...

My last post was about Jean coming... Well, as the post said, he made it and our host family coordinator and his host family was going to be going to MI to get him the next day. Well, they got him and he was not feeling too good. He had a fever and cough in Haiti, and has a history of asthma. Well, the next day he was getting worse and his fever was high. By this time, he had been running a fever for over a week. We had an appointment with the pediatrician that Thursday and could not get him in on Wednesday because they were all booked with well checks since school was starting. Luckily I live close to my parents and my dad just happens to be a doctor. So, Nancy and I loaded him up and took him to my parents house for a "house call". He was so sick that he let a strange white man exam him on my parents kitchen table. My dad heard wheezing in his lungs and could not see good in his ears because of wax build-up. Nancy suspected an ear infection because he kept pulling on his ears. So, my dad ordered him antibiotics which he threw up that night... :-(

The next day I thought he might be admitted. We have such great pediatricians that see our HTH kiddos and they check him out thoroughly! He had blood work, a chest x-ray, and a complete exam. The findings after all of the tests were back: pneumonia in his right lung, a double ear infections, dehydration, and giardia. Poor baby!!! He had an IV hep-locked in his arm for 3 days while he went in to get daily rocephin infusions. By Saturday if he was not improving, Dr. Landrigan was going to have to admit him. Praise God he was doing better and his fever broke. He got his IV out last Saturday and has improved daily. He is eating like a champ and his personality is emerging. I will get over to the Stanley's this week to do a photo shoot with Jean Widler. I can't wait!!!
I will leave you with a photo journal of his trek thus far.

(Jean on his way to the airport)

(Kristin V. with Jean on the plane)
(Carla, HTH host family coordinator)

(Nancy, Host mom)

(You can't see his face, but this is Bob, Host Dad)

(I think this is Ali, Jean's host sister)
(The Stanley family, Kristin, Isaac, and Abby Vanderwell)

(Not feeling good, but being loved!)

(Snuggling with Liza)

(Too pooped to care...)

(Not a good pic, but that is me... :-)

(Playing the drums with Bob, even with an IV in...)

(Feeling much better 2 days after antibiotics)

(Feeling even better and dressed in some cute clothes)

(This family is GREAT!!!)

Please pray that he gets strong and gains some weight!!! He was scheduled to have his surgery last Tuesday and obviously that did not happen. The ophthalmologist is out of town on a missions trip for the next week or so. So, Jean will not have his pre-op appointment until Sept. 18th. Then surgery will be rescheduled. Our plan is definitely not God's plan. He shows us that over and over with each patient that is brought over!!!


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Rhyan said...

AWW! He looks AMAZING! What a little doll! I could just eat him up! Glad he's feeling better!