Hello everyone, this is Flamanda. She is a HTH patient that we have been unable to find care for as of yet. The top picture is of her in April and the bottom is now. Her Hydrocephalus is getting worse and worse. I had hoped that she might have surgery in Indy but they cannot take on any more patients until January. Since I found this out a few weeks ago I have been trying with not much success to find a place for her to be treated. It is so sad and unfair, if she would have been born here she would be a totally normal girl. She is living with her family still and they are praying for us to find somewhere to help their little girl.
I am praying for a miracle for her as she is getting worse every day. Please pray we can find somewhere for her to be treated very soon.

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What kind of doctor does she need? A neurosurgen? -Sherry