I just got this e-mail from Witlene's brother:

Family in Christ,

I don't know how much to thank you for your support praying for my sister. I am excited to let you know that she just received her visa today to travel to the United States where she will undergo surgery for her tumor. Please continue to pray for the remaining of the process. Pray for the doctors, nurses and Technicians, pray for Witlene's host family, pray for Rebekah's family and her organization for God's provision, as well as anyone who will be involved in this process.

With gratitude,

Walter Thermidor


Visa appointment...

Please be praying for Witlene today. She has her visa appointment at the US Embassy today at 11am. God willing, Witline will be coming to the States ASAP to get a tumor removed from her pituitary glande. We have the doctor, hospital, and host family all lined up: Now we just wait on the US Embassy.

Please God, make the meeting go smoothly, and that Witlene would get her visa without any hassels!!!!!!!!!!


Widline back in Haiti...

I don't know much, as Vanessa is still in Haiti, but what I do know is that Widline is in Haiti, and has been reunited with her family. She flew back to Haiti with Vanessa, Angel Missions Haiti, on October 6th. These photos below were taken October 8th. The man in the photo is her grandpa. I won't even try to understand how HARD it was for the Bowley family to say goodbye to Widline!!! But seeing her reunited with her grandpa, and seeing his smile, makes me smile knowing that he entrusted her to us, PERFECT STRANGERS, and now will be able to see his grand daughter grow up to lead a more normal life. This is what Hands That Heal is all about: Helping families get life-saving medical care for their loved ones, that is not accessible in Haiti, and then reuniting them healthy and whole!

Please continue to pray for little Widline, as she acclimates herself back to Haiti, and her family. For her little mind, she would not remember anything about Haiti or her birth family! Also, please keep the Bowley's in your prayers. I have talked with Kate, Widline's host mom, multiple times since Widline left, and the void of her being gone is still very fresh and painful!!! The family loved her like one of their own, and now they are all mourning the loss of her being a part of their family!



- Stepping back for a bit -

Well, after much prayer & thought on this subject, I feel I need to step back for a bit as far as doing much 'hands on' work goes with Hands That Heal. The reason has nothing to do with having a problem with anything or anyone [not at all!], but instead, it has to do with everything going on here at the house.
As some of you may know, we adopted a baby girl that's 4 weeks old today. We were at the hospital when she was born & brought her home with us at 2 days old. She's doing fabulous in every way except for the fact that at night when she's sleeping, she stops breathing!! It's really bothering us & we've had her at the doctor 2 times so far for it already & she's going in for extensive testing on the 20th. Due to all that she's going through, we're like getting no sleep at all [almost literally].
If that's not enough, we're moving into another home in less than 3 weeks. Moving can be a trying time in & of itself for a family of 2 or 3, but we're a family of 8 & so it'll be nothing short of miraculous to get this done [when 4 of the 8 are 6 & under!].
I'm the type of person that if I say I'll do something, then you can count on me to throw 110% into it or I'd just as soon not do it at all. That's why I'm at this point now, I don't feel with everything that's going on here, that I can give 110%, so therefore I feel the need to step back.
I've talked this over with Rebekah & things between us are great, it's just that this' something that I need to do for our family at this time. I'll still help out when/where I can, but it'll be more of a 'behind the scenes' thing for now.
Thanks to all those that have been praying for Hands That Heal, since it began. Your prayers are so appreciated & will be what makes this organization continue from here on.