Just a LITTLE Photo Shoot...

I am a photographer, and I love photographing babies, especially our Hands That Heal babies. Kids are not easy to photograph, but when the images come out how I want them to, I feel very accomplished... Little Miss Sabrina cooperated wonderfully yesterday, and she looked stunning: As always!!!

So, with no further ado: SABRINA SAMPEUR...


Doesn't She Look Great!!!!!

This does not even look like the same baby that came here last Wednesday. Her head circ. is down by 3 cm, she is not vomiting feedings, she was making some noises today like cooing, and her seizures are not as frequent.



Sabrina is doing AWESOME!

Sabrina is doing awesome! She has not vomited since 6am yesterday morning over 24hrs!! She is only having very mild seizures when she is disturbed for feeding, holding, pooping etc. and they are no where near what they were before. Her head is shrinking. It is amazing to watch it. The skin is sagging down where it was bulging out and it is jiggly. You can actually see her bones sticking out.
Her abdomen is large where the fluid drains and her body has to reabsorb it slowly. She has not been very active. She will stretch when you change her diaper, suck on her pacifier occasionally, she only cries when she is moved.
The seizure meds are a little sedating too though. She hasent even needed any Tylenol since she was in the hospital.
Anna is a huge help here for us and Tom is learning her care too. The boys are doing awesome. God is so awesome! Thanks for all the prayers and support. They are being answered.


Sabrina is in surgery...

Just an update to let you all know that Sabrina is in surgery. Dr. Young just started about 5 minutes ago. She had a really rough night and Steph brought her to the ER. It was a blessing in disguise, because they put her on a different seizure med, and they started her on IV fluids.

Everyone is amazing here and we are just hanging out in the surgery waiting room.

Thank you all for your prayers and we are coveting all that are being sent up now!!!


Sabrina's Doctor Appointment...

We are so relieved to have Sabrina in the US, and she got to see Dr. Young this morning. He tapped 100 cc (3.3 oz) off her head today. He saw her head, and said, "WOW!!!" It is the biggest head he has ever seen on a baby. She is having surgery tomorrow @ 10am. He said she is at risk for a lot of complications, so we will appreciate any prayers that will be raised up for her!!! Thanks...

Here are some pics from the appointment...

Remember to check out Stephanie's blog for updates too...

Last Update for the Night...

They arrived safe in Indy and are headed back to Stephanie's house. No issues with Sabrina at all... Praise God!!!!!

I will update after her appointment with Dr. Young tomorrow morning...

Thanks for the ongoing prayers...



Anna and Sabrina are safely in Chicago, and should be flying out in 40 minutes for their final destination: Indianapolis. Thank you all for your prayers. Their day has been uneventful and that is just how we prayed it would be. When I spoke with Anna, she was getting ready to do Sabrina's 8pm feeding and giving her meds. Anna said that she was finally in a deep sleep. Her temp has stayed up and the day could not have gone any better.

I will update when land in Indy and get a report from Stephanie.

Sabrina Is On US Soil...

Our little angel is on US SOIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Pray that her flight to Chicago is uneventful, and pray that Anna has the time to get her visa extended in Miami...

Keep praying!!!

Steph Is Ready...

Stephanie Mueller, our HTH nurse coordinator will be hosting Sabrina. Here is what she shared on her blog today. You can follow Sabrina's journey on her blog or the Hands That Heal blog.

I think were as ready as we can be for Sabrina's arrival tonight. The plan is if she is looking good that we are coming home with her. If she is not breathing well or her temp is really low we are going to the E.R.
I will stay up with her tonight and sleep on the couch. Anna is going to be tired from traveling all day. If I wasn't a NICU nurse she would be going straight to the hospital.
Toms sister is spending the night so it will work out perfectly that they will be here with the boys while I go to the airport at 11:30pm to get them since Tom is working night shift. Especially if we end up at the hospital tonight.
They should be on the plane now. Pray that Sabrina travels well. They have a layover in Chicago before getting to Indy. She has been vomiting a lot.
We see Dr. Young at 9:00am tomorrow.

Please pray that Sabrina does well tonight. I will update as soon as I hear from Anna...

Pray For Safe Travels...

Sabrina and Anna should be bording the plane in Haiti any time now. The flight to Miami is scheluled to leave today @ 12:15. For those of you who have traveled from Haiti know that they really won't leave at 12:15 :-). Pray that Sabrina stays stable through the flights today and that she does not suffer from headaches due to head pressure. She loves her paci, so that will help.

Pray that Anna has extreme discernment to Sabrina's care today, and that God would just put His Peace over everyone involved. There is a nice layover in Miami, so she will have plenty of time to go through immigration.

She then flys to Chicago and will arrive in Indianapolis tonight at 11:30pm. She will see Dr. Young tomorrow @ 9am.

Thank you for all of your comments and prayer support!!! You have all prayed Sabrina here.




Hey, Guess What????

WE GOT A VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please stop and PRAY!!!

I just got a message from Dixie that she called Nancy McCarthy, and she is headed down to the Embassy with Sabrina to ask for her Medical Visa.


Please pray that everything comes together today so that Anna and Sabrina can fly out of Haiti tomorrow!!!!!

Thanks for your prayers, and hopefully I have an amazing update in a few hours...


Pray some more...

Dixie has not been able to get the Consulate to answer her e-mails about Sabrina since Friday. Sabrina has an appointment to see Dr. Young on Thursday, with surgery being scheduled for Friday. We have to get her out by Wednesday...PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!



YES... We got the hospital acceptance letter just about 30 minutes ago. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Now, pray with us that everything is sufficient for the US Embassy and they grant Sabrina a visa, and a chance at life!!!!!

Dixie should get an appointment this afternoon.

I will update as soon as I know something new....




PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!! The first letter is being faxed to me anytime!!!!!!!!! Dr. Young is faxing me his acceptance letter and he is also faxing it to Lorraine Brown at the hospital. I expect to hear from the hospital later today.


Your Prayers are Being Heard...

Please keep praying for Sabrina. The doctor is going to be dictating his letter later today for her care in the States. Then we will just be waiting for the hospital letter.

Your prayers were all answered last night with Anna's plane ticket. I called to re-arrange her flight once again, and the last woman who helped me a month ago made her ticket an open itinerary, and I did not even know it. We didn't have to cancel or change anything. The AA representative last night told me that when we get the 'go ahead' from the hospital, just to call AA and they will create a new itinerary for us with no additional charge.

Please pray that Sabrina's head size will remain stable and that her temp will stay consistent. They are making a 'diaper' for her head to keep her heat in.

Dixie was going to be going up to the NICU today with some staff and volunteers to lay hands on her and pray for God's healing touch and for Him to bless her journey here to the States if it is granted, and for her strength during her surgery. This little angel has fought for 49 days of her life, and will you please pray with us that God grants her favor and performs a miracle in her life!!!!!!!

Pray specifically for Loraine Brown, Executive Director of Missions Affairs and the CEO of the hospital today that they will have mercy on her life and grant her a chance at surgery and a new lease on life.

Thank you for your continued prayers...more pics of her to come later today...

Founder & Director of Hands That Heal

Thank you all for praying....

Thank you all for your prayers!!!!!!! Keep praying for the staff at GLA that are taking care of Sabrina. This is getting very hard for them to see her like this! They are having a hard time keeping her temps up, and she is starting to spit up some of her formula.

I spoke with the hospital today, and they are going to conference with Dr. Young tomorrow and hopefully make a decision. I feel as though they will say,
"Yes", but keep praying steadfastly!!!!!!!

Okay, God is sooooo good!!! I just got off the phone with AA to change Anna's ticket for transporting Sabrina. Well, when we changed it last month, they did it for only an $8 charge that would be processed at the ticket counter in PAP. Well, instead of the agent booking another ticket, she just held an itinerary. So, I did not have to cancel anything, or receive any fees for changing the current ticket... We will just let AA know when all of the letters come together, and then make our new itinerary. God is sooooooo good and is in all of the little details!!!

Why do we ever doubt or worry???


Another kiddo coming soon...

Jean Wilder will be coming soon (hopefully in the next few weeks) to Fort Wayne for eye surgery. He suffers from Congenital Strabismus. The doctor will perform surgery to either lengthen or shorten one of the muscles in his right eye. We have a great host family lined up for him and we are just waiting on a confirmation from the doctor.

Once Jean Wilder is recovered, he will head back to God's Littlest Angels Orphanage and hopefully he will find an adoptive family soon...



Please keep Sabrina in your prayers. Time is not on our side! God is our GREAT physician, and He can perform this miracle!!!
Here is an update from Dixie at GLA today:

I hope she will stay stable until we can get her out
-more seizures
-head bigger
-59 cm today
-I did 80 cc tap today
-not holding her temperature but warms up under the heat lights
-losing a lot of heat from her head!
None of that is good!!!

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!!!!


Pray The Date... JULY 8th...

July 8th is when Anna, our transporter from GLA, is scheduled to return to the US with Sabrina. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE spread the word to pray that all of Sabrina's paperwork is done and that her visa is issued to come for her surgery. We had a doc in Sacramento and then when he saw her CT scans, he said, "no." We had a doc in Indy that was willing to shunt her and then the hospital said, "no" because they did not know what her outcome would be.

So, as of yesterday, we have a new doctor. Dr. Young, my son's neurosurgeon said, "yes" to taking her on without hesitation. Today I got the anesthesiologist to commit that Dr. Young wanted to have working with him on her case. So, tomorrow I contact the hosptial, St. Vincent's in Indy, to see if they will approve her. I will be speaking with Loraine Brown, if you want specifics to pray for. Please pray that all of the paperwork will be expedited and that we can get her out next Wednesday!!!

She does not have much time to spare. The orphanage has been tapping her head and withdrawing 50cc's of fluid every other day, and Dixie feels now that is not enough. I am consulting with the neuro doc tomorrow to see what to do. They can not keep up with the fluid collecting around her brain. Pray that her Cerebral Spinal Fluid would slow down in production.

This little angel was spared death at birth, and we are all praying that God once again chooses to spare her life once more!!!

Thank you in advance for your prayers, and I will keep you updated... Here are some recent pics of this angel...