Update on Shnaider

Well if any of you caught it I said that I "had" been hosting Shnaider. We are very excited to let everyone know that he has transitioned on to his prospective adoptive family. They are a wonderful christian couple that got to know about Shnaider through their daughter. Kate Bowley that hosted little Widline recently is prospectively going to be his big sister! This family is amazing. They have adopted many children over the years and currently have 5 children living with them that have all been adopted.

Shnaider transitioned so well with them. We were very sad for him to leave us but very excited to see God bring him his forever family. The top picture is of Shnaider and his two soon to be brothers from Haiti also. The middle are his new parents to be and I cant even believe how big he looks in the last picture. He is getting so big and grown up looking.

He was recently at Dr. Youngs office and the doctor was thrilled with Shnaiders progress. He feels that he will not have to do surgery again and the bone patch that covered the defect is in place. Dr. Young was so happy with Shnaiders growth and development as well. In January they will take out the shunt that had been placed to keep the swelling down and prayerfully the site will have been completely sealed over then and he will be totally done with treatment.

His new family will be keeping him through the duration of his medical stay and are working on the process of adoption.

Keep them in your prayers.

Helping Hands that Heal

Hello all, my name is Stephanie Mueller. That might sound familiar to you because I was hosting Shnaider Alliome. I have gotten to be friends with Rebekah throught the process of hosting and already had a heart for Haiti before I even met Rebekah. I am a nurse and I live in Indianapolis, IN. I have been to Haiti 3 times and run a medical clinic when I am there in a rual area of Haiti called Chambrun.
Through getting to know Rebekah and what Hands that Heal is doing I am now going to be assisting her in helping in any way that I can. I am excited to see how God will use and grow this ministry and to be a part of that.



The two pics below were taken the day after Witlene, her mother Marie, and her brother Walter, had gotten to Indiana. The cute little blonde boy is my youngest son, Luca. I love seeing him snuggling on Walter's lap! He loved being with Walter.

Marie, Witlene, and Walter.

Please keep Witlene and her family in your prayers tomorrow! I, along with her mother, the host parents, Dr. Binkley (the doc from Haiti who asked us to find her help) and his wife Donna, will be accompying Witlene to her MRI and appointment with the neurosurgeon tomorrow. Please pray that my Creole is "on" tomorrow too! :-) I will be the sole tranlator until Dr. Binkley and his wife get to the doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon. I think I will do fine, but there are always words that I don't know...But somehow I am always able to describe the word that I am wanting to use, in Creole! lol...

Her MRI is at noon, eastern time, and her appointment with the neurosurgeon is at 3:30. We will then know the course of action that he wants to take with this tumor. As of the last appointment, 1 week ago, the tumor was the size of a baseball.


Please also be praying for Djemy. We should be hearing any day on his case. The panel of doctors were meeting last week to decide what kids they were accepting for charity work. I should know something by tomorrow...
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Slow Connection...

I am posting this from my sister's apartment in Indianapolis, and her connection is not very good. So, I will not be posting any pics, or much of an update tonight. My oldest son is having surgery tomorrow in Indianapolis, so I will try to get pics uploaded tomorrow night.

Here is who I will be updating on...

Shnaider: pics and some VERY exciting news...

Widline: Hoping to get some more pics of her with family in Haiti...

Witlene: She and her mom are having a great time with the host family. Thanks Dave and Jo for making them feel so welcomed!!! She has an eye doctor exam on Monday, and her MRI and neurosurgeon appt. on Wednesday, the 19th. She was anointed at our church on Sunday, and we are praying that the size of the tumor has shrank. She is just so ready to have some relief from her pain!!!

Djemy: We are waiting to hear from Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, to hear if he will be accepted as a charity case for Rady Children's hospital in San Diego, CA. I am hoping to get a call tomorrow from them.

Some new patients:

Joseph: He is 14 and has very large tumors on his legs. Dr. Didelot from St. Vincent Hospital, in Indianapolis, has agreed to operate on Joseph. we are getting letters together, and arrangements made for him to come over: hopefully by January.

Gregory: He is 8 and has some major urological issues. Dr. Cain from St. Vincent Hospital, has agreed to take Gregory on as a charity case. We are hoping to have him to the States shortly after the New Year.

Both of the above new patients, are being referred to us by Angel Missions Haiti.


Witlene is here...

Witlene is here in Indiana, and I had the privilege to host her, her mother, and brother last night and today. We went to her 1st doctor's appointment this morning and we found out the tumor on her pituitary gland is about the size of a baseball. Over the next couple weeks, she will be getting a lot of blood work done, complete vision screening, and a MRI. She will see the neurosurgeon on November 19th to discuss all of the results from these tests, and the best possible way to fight or remove the tumor.

I will post pictures and more information tomorrow. She and her mother are FREEZING here in Indiana, and we are having seasonally warm weather for November. (71 today) The 40's, that are coming this weekend will be a terrible shock to their systems. They sat in my living room with winter coats on, while my 2 yr. old son, Luca, ran around in jeans and no shirt. :-) It was really funny and they were laughing about it!

I am thanking God that she is here finally, and is able to get the medical attention that she so deserves!!!