Update on Shnaider

Well if any of you caught it I said that I "had" been hosting Shnaider. We are very excited to let everyone know that he has transitioned on to his prospective adoptive family. They are a wonderful christian couple that got to know about Shnaider through their daughter. Kate Bowley that hosted little Widline recently is prospectively going to be his big sister! This family is amazing. They have adopted many children over the years and currently have 5 children living with them that have all been adopted.

Shnaider transitioned so well with them. We were very sad for him to leave us but very excited to see God bring him his forever family. The top picture is of Shnaider and his two soon to be brothers from Haiti also. The middle are his new parents to be and I cant even believe how big he looks in the last picture. He is getting so big and grown up looking.

He was recently at Dr. Youngs office and the doctor was thrilled with Shnaiders progress. He feels that he will not have to do surgery again and the bone patch that covered the defect is in place. Dr. Young was so happy with Shnaiders growth and development as well. In January they will take out the shunt that had been placed to keep the swelling down and prayerfully the site will have been completely sealed over then and he will be totally done with treatment.

His new family will be keeping him through the duration of his medical stay and are working on the process of adoption.

Keep them in your prayers.

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