Helping Hands that Heal

Hello all, my name is Stephanie Mueller. That might sound familiar to you because I was hosting Shnaider Alliome. I have gotten to be friends with Rebekah throught the process of hosting and already had a heart for Haiti before I even met Rebekah. I am a nurse and I live in Indianapolis, IN. I have been to Haiti 3 times and run a medical clinic when I am there in a rual area of Haiti called Chambrun.
Through getting to know Rebekah and what Hands that Heal is doing I am now going to be assisting her in helping in any way that I can. I am excited to see how God will use and grow this ministry and to be a part of that.

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lori shepler - said...

praise the lord! - stephanie, when rebekah & i started hands that heal, we knew it'd be big - when you said you'd host shnaider [& again, thank you as you were a god send], we thought maybe you'd adopt him [wink] - well, it wasn't that at all, it was god getting you ready for this! - it was working out fine, but due to circumstances, i felt i needed to step away & am so thrilled to hear that you'll be helping rebekah - thank you for what you're doing!!