The two pics below were taken the day after Witlene, her mother Marie, and her brother Walter, had gotten to Indiana. The cute little blonde boy is my youngest son, Luca. I love seeing him snuggling on Walter's lap! He loved being with Walter.

Marie, Witlene, and Walter.

Please keep Witlene and her family in your prayers tomorrow! I, along with her mother, the host parents, Dr. Binkley (the doc from Haiti who asked us to find her help) and his wife Donna, will be accompying Witlene to her MRI and appointment with the neurosurgeon tomorrow. Please pray that my Creole is "on" tomorrow too! :-) I will be the sole tranlator until Dr. Binkley and his wife get to the doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon. I think I will do fine, but there are always words that I don't know...But somehow I am always able to describe the word that I am wanting to use, in Creole! lol...

Her MRI is at noon, eastern time, and her appointment with the neurosurgeon is at 3:30. We will then know the course of action that he wants to take with this tumor. As of the last appointment, 1 week ago, the tumor was the size of a baseball.


Please also be praying for Djemy. We should be hearing any day on his case. The panel of doctors were meeting last week to decide what kids they were accepting for charity work. I should know something by tomorrow...
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