Witlene is here...

Witlene is here in Indiana, and I had the privilege to host her, her mother, and brother last night and today. We went to her 1st doctor's appointment this morning and we found out the tumor on her pituitary gland is about the size of a baseball. Over the next couple weeks, she will be getting a lot of blood work done, complete vision screening, and a MRI. She will see the neurosurgeon on November 19th to discuss all of the results from these tests, and the best possible way to fight or remove the tumor.

I will post pictures and more information tomorrow. She and her mother are FREEZING here in Indiana, and we are having seasonally warm weather for November. (71 today) The 40's, that are coming this weekend will be a terrible shock to their systems. They sat in my living room with winter coats on, while my 2 yr. old son, Luca, ran around in jeans and no shirt. :-) It was really funny and they were laughing about it!

I am thanking God that she is here finally, and is able to get the medical attention that she so deserves!!!

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