Thank you all for praying....

Thank you all for your prayers!!!!!!! Keep praying for the staff at GLA that are taking care of Sabrina. This is getting very hard for them to see her like this! They are having a hard time keeping her temps up, and she is starting to spit up some of her formula.

I spoke with the hospital today, and they are going to conference with Dr. Young tomorrow and hopefully make a decision. I feel as though they will say,
"Yes", but keep praying steadfastly!!!!!!!

Okay, God is sooooo good!!! I just got off the phone with AA to change Anna's ticket for transporting Sabrina. Well, when we changed it last month, they did it for only an $8 charge that would be processed at the ticket counter in PAP. Well, instead of the agent booking another ticket, she just held an itinerary. So, I did not have to cancel anything, or receive any fees for changing the current ticket... We will just let AA know when all of the letters come together, and then make our new itinerary. God is sooooooo good and is in all of the little details!!!

Why do we ever doubt or worry???

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nancy said...

Thank you, Rebekah, for keeping us updated! We are all praying so hard, and it will not stop. This little girl was given to this world for us to know of God's love, and to allow us to embrace His gift. His desire for us is to show THIS gift all of His love during her time on this earth... no matter how long that time may be. Now we will step up our prayers for the staff of GLA, some of 'God's Biggest Angels'!