Please keep Sabrina in your prayers. Time is not on our side! God is our GREAT physician, and He can perform this miracle!!!
Here is an update from Dixie at GLA today:

I hope she will stay stable until we can get her out
-more seizures
-head bigger
-59 cm today
-I did 80 cc tap today
-not holding her temperature but warms up under the heat lights
-losing a lot of heat from her head!
None of that is good!!!

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!!!!


-kate- said...

Rebekah, have you gotten the hospital to commit? I have been praying for Sabrina!

Rebekah Hubley said...

That is all we are waiting for: a "go ahead" from the hospital... It cannot come soon enough. You know that Dr. Young is Koen's doctor. That is the same surgeon that just did micah's surgery and is going to do Sabrina's surgery... He is amazing!!!

-kate- said...

I will keep praying!

nancy said...

I will not stop praying for this little angel until she is here in Indy and through her surgery. She's a miracle, and He does perform miracles! Please keep us posted!!

Momto14 said...

Pray!~ pray! Pray!~

Momto14 said...

is there any news? still praying!

Anonymous said...

She is so precious...makes me want to hold her close. I don't know how you do what you do. It makes my heart hurt. You are always in my prayers.