Sabrina is doing AWESOME!

Sabrina is doing awesome! She has not vomited since 6am yesterday morning over 24hrs!! She is only having very mild seizures when she is disturbed for feeding, holding, pooping etc. and they are no where near what they were before. Her head is shrinking. It is amazing to watch it. The skin is sagging down where it was bulging out and it is jiggly. You can actually see her bones sticking out.
Her abdomen is large where the fluid drains and her body has to reabsorb it slowly. She has not been very active. She will stretch when you change her diaper, suck on her pacifier occasionally, she only cries when she is moved.
The seizure meds are a little sedating too though. She hasent even needed any Tylenol since she was in the hospital.
Anna is a huge help here for us and Tom is learning her care too. The boys are doing awesome. God is so awesome! Thanks for all the prayers and support. They are being answered.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank God. I have been waiting for an update and I was hoping no news didn't mean bad news. -Sherry

Jaime said...

That is SO good to hear! Amazing story, amazing little girl, and amazing love you all are showing to her! We'll keep praying as she recovers!

annette said...

It is wonderful to hear of God's faithfulness to Sabrina. Thank you for caring for her in His name!

HansonAdoption said...

Please continue to keep us posted on her recovery! And keep those precious pictures coming too.


HansonAdoption said...

Please continue to keep us all updated about her recovery. Definately keep those precious pictures coming too.