Your Prayers are Being Heard...

Please keep praying for Sabrina. The doctor is going to be dictating his letter later today for her care in the States. Then we will just be waiting for the hospital letter.

Your prayers were all answered last night with Anna's plane ticket. I called to re-arrange her flight once again, and the last woman who helped me a month ago made her ticket an open itinerary, and I did not even know it. We didn't have to cancel or change anything. The AA representative last night told me that when we get the 'go ahead' from the hospital, just to call AA and they will create a new itinerary for us with no additional charge.

Please pray that Sabrina's head size will remain stable and that her temp will stay consistent. They are making a 'diaper' for her head to keep her heat in.

Dixie was going to be going up to the NICU today with some staff and volunteers to lay hands on her and pray for God's healing touch and for Him to bless her journey here to the States if it is granted, and for her strength during her surgery. This little angel has fought for 49 days of her life, and will you please pray with us that God grants her favor and performs a miracle in her life!!!!!!!

Pray specifically for Loraine Brown, Executive Director of Missions Affairs and the CEO of the hospital today that they will have mercy on her life and grant her a chance at surgery and a new lease on life.

Thank you for your continued prayers...more pics of her to come later today...

Founder & Director of Hands That Heal


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Hi Rebecka, I have followed your blog for awhile now. I live in the Detroit area and I have adopted a blind child. I am friends with Heather BT and have been praying Chun Yan home to you. I didn't realize you were doing such great things for Haiti's kids! I have such a heart for Haiti but don't really know how to get involved. I would LOVE to host a child here for medical reasons. I live by some of the best childrens hospitals in the country. How do I host? Do I have to pay the full amount to have the child brought here? I can pay about $600 tops. (single divorced mom of 4 and not working in Michigans crappy job market. Please Email me at calicochicken2000@yahoo.com. I couldn't think of anything better to spend my extra time and heart on than helping a haitian child. -Sherry