Steph Is Ready...

Stephanie Mueller, our HTH nurse coordinator will be hosting Sabrina. Here is what she shared on her blog today. You can follow Sabrina's journey on her blog or the Hands That Heal blog.

I think were as ready as we can be for Sabrina's arrival tonight. The plan is if she is looking good that we are coming home with her. If she is not breathing well or her temp is really low we are going to the E.R.
I will stay up with her tonight and sleep on the couch. Anna is going to be tired from traveling all day. If I wasn't a NICU nurse she would be going straight to the hospital.
Toms sister is spending the night so it will work out perfectly that they will be here with the boys while I go to the airport at 11:30pm to get them since Tom is working night shift. Especially if we end up at the hospital tonight.
They should be on the plane now. Pray that Sabrina travels well. They have a layover in Chicago before getting to Indy. She has been vomiting a lot.
We see Dr. Young at 9:00am tomorrow.

Please pray that Sabrina does well tonight. I will update as soon as I hear from Anna...

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