In Honor of Sabrina...

In honor of Sabrina, I am changing our blog song for this week. Please read the below post...

This poem was just written by Rhyan Buettner, another 'mommy' to Sabrina when she was at GLA. Rhyan was at GLA the day Sabrina was brought there by her aunts, and she was there to witness a mother's tears as she looked at her daughter's 'broken' body.

God Chose Me

God chose me to hold you close
Sweet baby for a moment or two
God chose me to hold his angel
and I cherish the day He gave me you

I held you child for 9 whole months
The dreams I had may never be known
But I loved you baby I promise you that
I held you until you had grown

I held you while I heard them speak,
the women who loved you so
I held you while your name was given
why God chose me I may never know

I am another who held you close
while God granted us your time
I prepared your feeds and nursed your hurts
For those moments, you were mine

God also chose me to hold you dear
for a season of your days
I carried you as we left the land of your birth
and held you along the way

I held you Sabrina close to my heart
Photographs of you play through my mind
I fought so hard to bring you here
Doing the work God assigned

God called me to hold His child
A baby in need of care
All night and day I cared for you
for that time I was there

God chose me to pick you baby
to keep you as my own
I was to be your mommy here
how I wanted to give you a home

God chose each of us sweet Sabrina girl
To walk your road with you
God placed in our arms an angel of his
Until your time was through

He gave you a life, He gave us a passion
and somehow the two paths crossed
He gave you breath, He gave us vision
And through it, your story will never be lost

Author: Rhyan Buettner
August 10, 2009


Anonymous said...

So sad to hear of her death. I know everyone must be in shock. She was doing so well. She is in the arms of Jesus now and she is perfect and whole! Praise God.

lori shepler - said...