Changing all the time

Here are some new photos of Sabrinas head shape. Her head circumference is down to 53cm. It was 59 at her largest. We are starting to wean the seizure meds today. Pray she tolerates it and doesnt begin to have more seizures. Her weight is down a little too but she is still losing fluid. She is near 12 lbs still. She is not taking a bottle still. She chokes at first then does attempt to get into a rhythm but doesnt suck strong enough to pull the milk out. I have tried several different nipple shapes and sizes. Her abdomen isnt healing totally and is leaking a little. She is very quiet. I did see her move her arms randomly today when we were doing her "baby exercises". Several times a day we move all her joints so she doesnt begin to get stiff.
Pray for her continued healing.
Thanks Steph

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Anonymous said...

Poor thing. What a lot for such a small body to handle. All the health issues, missing her mommy, new sights and sounds. I'm so glad her head size is going down and that pressure is off her brain. Not a moment to soon!! -Sherry