Jean Widler

A team from Grand Rapids that has been at GLA for a couple weeks is bringing Jean Widler in today. Pray for Kristin Vanderwell, his transporter, as they have "Amazing Race" like connections to make it to Detroit tonight.

We are scheduled to meet them 1/2 way tomorrow in Battle Creek to pick him up. Pray that all hand offs are peaceful and without trauma for Jean.

Jean Widler has infantile esotropia, which in laymen terms is called strabismus, or crossed eyes. He will be having surgery to correct his right eye in the next couple of weeks. He has also had some fever and respiratory issues lately and hopefully at his well check this week, all will be taken care of...

Thanks for your prayers, and please keep The Stanley's in your prayers over the next 8 weeks as they invite him into their home to love him as one of their own.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, glad he is going to make it here. -Sherry