Update on Shnaider...

Here is another update from Stephanie: This was written Tuesday when they arrived home from the hospital.
We just returned home a few hours ago from Shnaiders latest surgery. His shunt was leaking from the site inside his back. It seems to be draining the fluid between his eyes again thankfully.

He had an extremely hard time comming out of anestheia this time. We arent really sure what happened, possibly a reaction the the amount of Morphine he had but he was hysterically thrashing, screaming, and crying for 7 hours post op. He was totally out of control. It was difficult and my arms hurt so bad today from trying to contain him. About 8:00 pm he finally came out of it and was fine. He is acting great this morning. He even let one of the nurses and the doctors assistant hold him! Usually he cries when someone comes near him at the hospital. Being his 4th time in he is pretty wise to the whole thing.

The doctor would like to go in next week and fix the bone graph in the front and use a special medication as well that crystalizes when it comes in contact with spinal fluid. It will help to create a barrier so the leak can stop. If all works as planned and the shunt keeps functioning that should be it.
Thanks for all the prayers yesterday. I had a feeling going in that it wasnt going to go smoothly for some reason but we made it through. Shnaider is so strong. I cant imagine having having 4 surgeries between the end of May and now.
We will update as we know more about the next procedure.
They will go in to see Dr. Young next week, and we will know more about his next surgery and when exactly it is.

Thanks for all of your prayers for this little guy!


stephanie garcia said...

I was not aware that Shnaider was in need of an adoptive family until now ... I've posted about this special little boy on my blog tonight. GOD bless!

stephanie garcia said...

We travel to Haiti on September 23. Are the "crazy requirements" you are referring to above age 30 and no bio kids? Maybe I should mention that on my blog as well?

Tamara said...

We would like to talk to you about Shnaider...we are the parents of 4 children and are under the impression we cannot adopt Shnaider or anyone from Haiti due to this information...could you emai me please?