Shnaider has surgery tomorrow...

Here is another update from Stephanie: Shnaider's host mom.

Shnaider is having a lumbar drain placed tomorrow. They have to drain the fluid permanently in hopes of the leaking spot to heal. We will be in the hospital overnight tomorrow. Pray all goes well. He has been on the crankey side I think because of all the pressure built up. My kids start school tomorrow. We have made some major decisions related to my husbands and my jobs and our family life. Our basement flooded a few days ago and many other stressors are happening right now.
Shnaider will most likely need another surgery soon to make another repair as well and will need to stay much longer than we had originally thougth.
We have much going on with our family right now and Satan is taking advantage of the stress. The beginning of the school year is always a huge stress with Nick. Change and something new do not go well with Autism.
Thanks for all your prayers.
Please be in prayer for the Mueller's! Not only do they have Snaider, who has physical needs, their youngest son, Nick, is autistic. He has done great with Shnaider living with them, but with all of the new changes of school, etc., this can be really hard on an autistic child. School starts tomorrow, and Stephanie will be staying with Shnaider at the hospital. Pray with us that God wraps His arms around this family and that they feel the peace that only God can give!!!!!!!!

To put in simple terms with what is going on with Shnaider's seal; think of trying to patch a pool full of water. The water pressure is going to push the patch away and prevent a good seal. This is what is going on with Shnaider. His first surgery went well, but the patch and bone graph did not have a good chance to heal and scar over before the fluid started building up. So, instead of the body just reabsorbing the fluid, it pushed its way through a "healing patch". So, by placing the lumbar peritoneal shunt, it will drain the excess cerebral spinal fluid, and all of the pressure will be gone and the original surgery sight will be able to heal and scar over, and form a good strong barrier. Then, in about 6 months, Dr. Young will remove the LP Shunt, and the body will resume its job of reabsorbing the cerebral spinal fluid.

Shnaider will probably only be the hospital for a 23 hr. hold. Pray that he does not have any compications, and that he is released as expected!

I will update tomorrow as soon as Stephanie lets me know anything!
We appreciate all of your prayers.

Here is a pic of Shnaider taken today by Stephanie.

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