Almost 5 months...

It doesn't seem possible that on September 5th, Shnaider will have been here 5 months. Honestly, where does the time go??? He came the the States as a malnourished little boy that did not even have the energy to stand. Now, he is a different little boy! He is everywhere and has the best personality.

I remember the night that Lori and I went to the airport to pick him up. When he cried, it was not even that loud because he had no energy behind it! At church the next day, he just sat on my lap and ate the whole time. He ate all the time for the first couple weeks. He started walking when he was with the Truesdale's. He had such a good time with his host brothers, Carson and Chase. Now, he is with the Mueller's and he is acting like a typical almost 2 yr. old. He will be 2 November 20th. This little guy is so strong, and he is going to do great things for God as he grows! What a testament to God's faithfulness that his life will, and has already shown! Here are a couple pics: The first one is from 4 months ago, and the other one is from today.

Please keep Shnaider in your prayers as he will have surgery again on Monday to fix the shunt. Here are some pics of where the shunt is, and how the fluid is collecting around the sights. His head has started to swell again too. The shunt should be floating around in his peritoneal cavity, and draining the fluid off his spine and around his brain. Well, somehow his shunt tubing slipped through the fascia, and created a pocket that is not letting the Cerebral Spinal Fluid to reabsorb. They are going to tack the shunt tubing to his abdominal muscles Monday, so it does not slip again, and it should drain properly from here on out. But, if any of you know about shunts, they can malfunction any time for any reason...

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