Here is a quick update from Shnaider's host mom: Stephanie:

Just a quick post, he is still doing well. His bump has totally swelled up again to as big as it was before. We are supposed to hear from the surgeon today about potential surgery Wednesday this week. He is eating and sleeping and playing fine. We are praying to get the surgery this week and start moving in the right direction for healing for him.
I talked with Stephanie after this update, and after she had spoken with the doctor: they are hoping to get Shnaider in Wednesday. They have 4 surgeries scheduled for that day already, but are hoping to squeeze him in. If not Wednesday, the secretary said that the surgery will be scheduled for Friday of this week.

Please pray for the Mueller family as they make all of the arrangements with their children/jobs, etc., to be with Shnaider during his surgery and post-op. Pray that Shnaider does not start running a fever in the mean time, and that the surgery is successful!

As soon as I hear something new, I will post...

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