Please pray for Stephanie...

Tomorrow at 5am our nurse coordinator, Stephanie Mueller, will be heading to Haiti for 14 days to do medical missions. She will be literally entering the pits of hell for a medical team. There are no supplies and medicine will be being practiced as it was 100 years ago. Here is her blog entry from her personal blog:
Finally a plan
We are heading to the airport at 5am tomorrow morning. Flying into the Dominican Republic and renting a van to drive to PAP. Life has been more busy in the last week than I have ever had in my life. It is stressful, crazy and a lot of pressure. I am finally at a good point now. Packed supplies for team, myself, coordinated most everything I need to. I purchased hack saws and Vodka for doing amputations. Vodka for sterilizing instruments and maybe for the patient. They will be awake for the procedures. No narcotics available. It is going to be civil war style medicine. It sounds crazy and barbaric but if your limb has gangreen set in or is completely crushed what else is there to do. The amt of Haitians missing limbs will be staggering.
Im nervous, relieved to have a plan though.
Please pray and then pray some more. We should get into SantoDomingo tomorrow night and to PAP by Sat night.
I am staying for 14 days. I have not been away this long ever. Pray for the boys and Tom while Im gone too.


Please keep her team and all of the other medical teams in your prayers!!! Pray for the people that they will be treating and pray that the love of Jesus will shine through to the people.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers!

Rebekah Hubley--Founder and Director

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American History said...

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Anonymous said...

I followed Sonel's journey for his club feet- any news about him?