Flamanda's Return Home

On December 28th I traveled to Haiti to return Flamanda to her mother. It was a long day flying back but Flamanda did great.
Her mom was super surprised. She did not know I was comming. She only knew Flamanda was comming home that week. She as you can see she is covered with mud. She had a big bucket and had been gathering mud to patch their mud hut. What a life. I cannot imagine. It was dark by the time we arrived. I left her with a few supplies and returned the next day to give her everything else we had brought for Flamanda and her brother. They live in a 10ft x 10ft sq mud box. Everything we brought filled up half her house. There was a small bed and a table, that was it. When I arrived the next day she was doing laundry in basins by hand. Again I cannot imagine. She said Flamanda had a difficult time falling asleep that night, she just kept looking around in the dark. Im sure it will take her a while to readjust to being home.
We left her mom with lots of food and formula. We hope she transitions well to Haitian food.
Thanks for all the prayers for her. It was a great honor to be a part of her journey from beginning to end. We are so thankful for Beaumont Hospital in MI and Dr. Zakalik for donating her surgery.


Kristie Cerling said...

Look at those smiles on her brother's face!

Rebekah Hubley said...

Her Mother is BEAUTIFUL, and you can see the pride in her eyes for Flamanda. No amount of money or things can provide love like that for a child. Too bad more parents here, that make millions every year, don't love their children like that!!! Flamanda is so blessed to be given such a great mommy! She will be taken care of so well by her. Thanks for sharing with us part of your journey. This is why HTH does what we do!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how great that she could go home early!! Was her mom surprised that her head was still so big? Will it get any smaller? I'm sad I didn't get to meet her. -Sherry