Denel and Witlene...

I spoke with Dixie Bickel today at GLA and she told me that Denel's house collapsed in the quake and that his daughter had to be pulled from the house. She is reported to be injured, but not badly. He is so understandably shook up! He will not believe that his fiance and his daughter are alive until he hears their voices. He was interviewed by our local stations today and you can click on it to see the report. Please use the side PayPal button to donate to our patients here in the US, and the ones that have returned to Haiti.

I got a hold of Witlene's brother today who lives in Buffalo, NY and he was able to tell me that Witlene and her family survived the quake, but their house, just off of Delmas, is completely destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please be in prayer for the people of Haiti.

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jan said...

Dear Danel, God bless you! We praise God for saving your family and bringing you to Ft. Wayne for care. May Jesus continue to be close to your family. And we praise God for Hands that Heal. Jan and Tom King