This is Widline Pierre...a little girl only 3 months old who was born without a rectal opening. She has not grown since birth & still only weighs 5 pounds & is 19" long. She requires surgery ASAP & we are looking for a pediatric surgeon to help her.  Hands that Heal is partnering with Angel Missions Haiti to get help for Widline.  Vanessa Carpenter, Co-Founder of Angel Missions Haiti, will be doing all of the paperwork in Haiti to get her here for her surgery.  A big "Thank You" to Angel Missions Haiti!
(UPDATE: We have been working hard on obtaining a doctor, hospital, & host family for this little girl all in one area. We had a surgeon committed to her care, but we found out today that the hospital is not willing to donate their services. We are back to square one. I have contacted another surgeon and hospital, and are waiting to hear back from them this afternoon. Widline is in such critical condition right now, we need to get her to the States as soon as possible. Please be praying for strength for Widline over these next few days. Also, please pray specifically that a surgeon and hospitial are found ASAP!!!!! If you are reading this & can help out financially, please click on paypal button to the right & donate whatever you can, as we are right now in need of 2 round trip airline tickets from Indianapolis to PAP & back. These tickets more than likely be booked in the next day or so as she is now refusing to eat & her little body is wanting to shut down. She is going to be admitted to a hospital today in PAP for some IV fluids, and the doctors will try to relieve her of some of her constipation. We have to get her here right away as her time is short. Thank you & any questions, please email either one of us.)


4 lads for me said...

Praying, even now for little Widline! She has been in my thoughts and prayers for a while now!
Thanks for all the hard work! I pray God will work it out for this precious soul!

AngieRN said...

My husband and I hosted a little Haitian baby with imperforate anus/rectovaginal fistula in our home from Nov'06-Mar '07. She also was able to have the Pena pull through surgery and no colostomy. We have since adopted her and she came home to our family in April of this year. She seems to be doing well from a surgical standpoint. We will see the surgeon who performed her surgery and pray that the dilations do not have to be restarted. That is the WORST!! It's funny, our daughter's Haitian name is Wislaine, very similar to Widline. You are in our prayers with this adorable little girl