Our first child is Shnaider & he's 14m old. He's needing surgery for an Encephalocele (on forehead/between eyes), so please be praying for him. We're needing sponsors to help with the cost.  So please, if you're able to help, contact us at the numbers listed to the right. (Our contact information & the medical cost is listed in the right hand column)

Thank you & God bless


Momto13 said...

Have you found charity care for him yet?

tony said...

I am wondering why i would cost 2 peple to fly down here,to pick up 1 child. Are you aware of american aa that has flight attendants that transport kids for free.
Now if a child needs a special medical escort ,u could have some nurses give their time free.
Blessings, Fr. Tony

Tiffaney, RN said...

I can't wait to see pics of Shnaider with his eyes open and well recovered!! I've been thinking about him so much! Hope all is well!

Tiffaney :)