- SONEL - (update at bottom of post)

Here is another little guy that we are working very hard on getting out on a medical visa. We have a doctor, hospital & host family lined up for him & are waiting on his paperwork to be completed on the haitian side. The main prayer at this time is the funding for 3 round trip tickets that are needed to bring him home. We know it is in God's hands, that it will come when it is needed & we will keep you posted as to how thing fall into place, for Sonel. (Is he not adorable!)
(UPDATE: There has been a lady trying to get Sonel out for awhile now, but was having trouble getting a hospital & doctor both to agree (she had the OK from one, but not the other). I emailed Licia last night telling her about us obtaining a doctor, hospital & host family (the host family was to be this lady that has worked so hard to get Sonel out). I just received an email back saying that God moved & this lady has gotten the 'go ahead' from BOTH the doctor & the hospital she has been talking to. Isn't God good! He saw she was struggling with getting everything lined up, dropped it in our spirits to try & help her out (& still use her as the host family), then He moved on her doctor & hospital to agree to work with her & now we can use the doctor & hospital that we lined up for another child!! ISN'T THAT JUST LIKE GOD!!)

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dreamingBIGdreams said...

LOVE this!

I loved this little boy when I was there. He was always smiling!