Are You Still Out There???

(Jerrensia and Jen--Her amazing host mom)

If we still have any readers checking on us, we are still here... :-) Being the Founder of HTH, I, along with our nurse coordinator, Stephanie Mueller, keep this blog up. Both of us have had one of the busiest/hardest years of our lives. Both of us have children with special needs, and some of our children have had an eventful year. In saying all of this, 2011 brings us both to a year of healing and moving forward.

We did not have any children come to the US on Medical Visas in 2010, which was a blessing from God. We just had our first medical visa child of 2011, and Jerrensia Charles could not be a more beautiful way to start off 2011. I will be getting weekly or bi-weekly updates on Jerrensia from her host family,and will be posting them here.

Please pray for Michno and Ken, as they are 2 and 3 on our waiting list to get their medical visas. Michno has his passport and is just waiting on one more doc letter and then we can apply for his MV. We are still waiting on Ken's passport and then we will be able to proceed with his case. Both boys have host families waiting and praying for them. Please pray for patients for their host families as they wait. It can be very agonizing as host families to wait, knowing that the treatment is right at their fingertips while we wait on bureaucracy.

Thanks so much for praying for HTH, and for faithfully checking in on us!!!

Rebekah Hubley--Founder and Director of Hands That Heal

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Jennifer said...

I am SO excited to hear the news. Jerrensia has been the baby that I pray for by name in Haiti at GLA. I am thrilled that she will be getting treatment. Of course I will still be praying for the many other babies and children in Haiti. I am happy to hear that there will be updates at this website and will still continue to check in regularly. Out of curiosity, does this mean that Jerrensia has an adoptive family as well? Just wondering as we had been interested in hosting her here if it was possible and were also interested in adoption. Thanks for all of the work you do.

Jennifer from CA