Everyone has fallen for this little peanut! How could you not... If you want to read the latest on her, go to here, to Melissa's blog.

Dixie is going to be taking her and another little boy to get x-rays soon. Then we will be able to start on her medical visa and getting her the care that she so deserves!


Jennifer said...

I was so touched by Jerrensia when Dixie posted about her on her blog and then again when Melissa wrote a more extensive update. I have talked in depth with my husband about her and think about her all the time. I pray for her everyday. I am praying that she can get a medical visa to Southern CA so that we can host her. Praying that her xrays go well and that the results show minimal issues, although I know she will have some. She sure is a sweet baby.

Jennifer from CA

Anonymous said...

As always, let me know what I can do.....and who I can host. I have that info for you about Target and American airlines ambasadors. Call me when you are not busy and I will fill you in. -Sherry