Jean Widler had his first experience with Halloween. His host family could not have picked a better outfit for him. He is obviously seeing better, since he could see where the candy was 'hidden'. :-)
Here is a little note from his host mom, Nancy.

Cutest little bumble bee of this year!

Notice, it didn't take long for him to figure out where the loot
is...he kept trying to climb the stairs for different angles to that
wonderful bowl of goodies that he was just a bit too short to reach!


Jean had another eye appointment this past Friday and the doctor is having the Stanley's patch his good eye for one hour a day to start strengthening and retraining the muscle in his right eye. He does not want to do corrective surgery before he sees if the brain will retrain the muscle by itself, now that he is able to see with his glasses. By patching the good eye, his brain will be forced to work with the right eye muscle and learn to use it properly. He will go back to the eye doctor in 6 weeks to see if there was any progress made. At that time, more definite things will be decided for Jean's eye surgery. First Steps has also evaluated him and he is behind in all areas except cognition. We have always known that he was one smart cookie. He will start receiving services as soon as the therapy plan is written up.

Thank you for remembering to pray for HTH, our patients, and our AMAZING host families!

We could not do this without your support!!!


sea salt MOSAIC said...

How absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

i am so amazed by this. He just seemed like he needed some extra TLC. so happy he is getting it and thriving!

Emilee Provencher said...

i was one on Jean-widlers volunteers this summer and he is one of the children that has really imprinted himself on my heart ... i am so happy that he is getting treatment and all the love and attention that he can