Pray for Flamanda

Please join us in praying for Flamanda. We are in need of a family in or very near Detroit. We have a doctor and hospital but need the host family. She is getting worse and her head is extremely large now. Her CT scans show that she has had or still possibly does have an infectious process in her brain. She may require a lot of care initially. I am leaving for Haiti next Tuesday and returning the 20th. We are praying for me to bring her home that day with me. If we dont find the host family soon we will be unable to get the paperwork done in time for her to get the visa.
Please pray and if anyone that reads this know of an appropriate family in or very near Detroit that might be willing to take this task on please let us know.


Anonymous said...

How much closer do you need? Like 10 minutes from the hospital? I will see who else I can find but I don't know anyone off hand that is as close as I am. Do you want me to go to churches near the hospital and post notices? Let me know what I can do. -Sherry

Courtney Kay said...

this is such an amazing ministry... I pray to one day be a host family