Praise God Flamanda is here

Well we made it home without any problems at all. Flamanda was a great traveler and I was so blessed to have a great team with me to help carry her. Her head is very very heavy and my arms are killing me. She only cried a little on each plane. She is missing her mom and breastfeeding very much. She does take a bottle and we have found out loves baby food! Yesterday I was so tired. I drove her 4 hours up to Michigan and she decided that our saftey laws and car seats really stink. She literally cried and screamed the entire way. It was a very long drive but we made it and met up with her host family. They are very experienced and have had several children like her before. I felt so comfortable leaving her with them. They have many older children that can help too. She has her doctor appointment next wedneday for all her pre op stuff and hopefully her MRI also that day. Please continue to pray for her to adjust and her mom to adjust in Haiti to not having her there. It was very obvious how much she loves her and was emotional and hard but happy to take her from her at the airport.We are very happy to have the Swarthout family taking care of her. They will be updating us often. She called me this morning and said Flamanda slept in her crib all night and is chowing down on baby food and drinking a little better from her bottle. What a praise and blessing.

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Momto14 said...

Yeah for Flamanda. I am so glad to here she arrived. The S. family is going to do great with her. Let them know that I have great experiences in using the NUK bottles with babies going from breast to bottle who aren't keen on the bottle. I have a BUNCH of them if they want me to mail them over I would be happy to.