Well it has been a while since we have updated everyone on our patients. We are soooo happy to let everyone know that Witlene is back in Haiti already!

Just to recap her case she came here with a baseball size tumor on her pituitary gland. We expected her to have to have surgery but the neurosurgeon decided to try medications first. We were thrilled to try this and see what happened. Within a few months time her symptoms started to disappear. We were very hopeful that meant her tumor was shrinking.

A few weeks ago we were all praising Jesus for a complete healing. Her tumor was gone! She was so happy and thanking Jesus. Without this treatment she would most likely have gone blind, never been able to have children and eventually died.

Hands That Heal is so thankful for all the "hands" involved in her case. Doctors, hospitals, host families and many others. It is so awesome for us to see the hands of Jesus working together for this outcome that glorifies His name.

Witlene will continue on her medications in Haiti but they are unable to get them there. We are working with the distributor to get it and mail it to her.

It is so amazing how God can work and we give Him all the glory for her healing.

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