12 days and 2 lbs...

That's right, Shnaider has only been here 12 days, and he has already gained 2 lbs.  It is amazing how fast a child can put on weight when they have a chance to eat whenever they want!  His 2 favorite foods right now:  scrambled eggs and french fries with ketchup.  He has always liked rice too, obviously, except the other night he pushed it away and wanted more spaghetti.  (uh oh) :-)  This little boy can out eat any adult!  You will be able to see the 2 lbs in his new pictures, even the start of a double chin! (yeah)  Here is a little note from his host mom too.

Just wanted to give an update on Shnaider. We had his MRI today and met with the surgeon here in Ft. Wayne. After looking at the MRI results the surgeon decided he wasn't comfortable doing the surgery here at Lutheran hospital. He referred us to Riley Children's hospital in Indianapolis. We were disappointed that he was unable to do it. Now we have to meet with another surgeon at Riley to see what he thinks. Also we will have to talk with Riley hospital to see if they will cover his surgery and stay at no cost. While we are frustrated that it cannot be done here, we are hopeful that Riley will take the case and help Shnaider so he can get back home to his family. Continue to keep us in your prayers as we now have to make 2 hour trips down to Riley. I am a little concerned about scheduling as Ben works and I am usually home with the boys. Ben may be taking some FMLA!!!!
Shnaider has adjusted very well the past week. He is starting to sleep better at night. He is very happy during the day. (as you can see from the pictures below!!) The boys adore him and Shnaider lights up every time he sees them. He is enjoying American food and has gained 2 pounds!!


Susan Westwood said...
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Susan Westwood said...

What a wonderful ministry! I am a pediatric nurse and will be heading to Haiti in September to work with God's Littlest Angels medical ministry. My heart is with you and surely, so is God's favor. May he richly bless you!

Susan Westwood