Look Who's Lookin' Pretty in Pink...

Jerrensia was able to start her series of castings last week. And... if you have to wear casts for weeks at a time, you might as well be stylin', and that is the way Miss Jerrensia is going. :-) Since getting her casts last week, she has had to have both legs re-cast. Since her legs are the way they are, her casts can slip really easily and more than 1/2 " of slipping and they have to be re-cast. They are going to try to use some adhesive binder, but it sometimes can lighten pigment. So pray with me that her casts stay on and that if they do use the binder, that her skin stays nice and beautifully brown.

We have 3 kiddos on the docket, ready to come over. Please keep Ken, Sonia, and Michno in your prayers. All of their medical issues are different and they are all in different stages of their medical visa process. Pray that doors are opened and each of these 3 angels gets a second chance to a much more normal life.


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Jennifer said...

Jerrensia is so beautiful, especially with her pink casts :) . Will be praying for her as always. I can't wait to hear about her updates. I will also pray for the other children, especially Sonia who I have been reading so much about. Thank you for all you do as well as everyone else who is pulling for all of these kiddos!

Jennifer from CA