Update on Jean

Jean is one of Pastor Pierres workers that I see every time I am in Haiti. He is like a haitian brother to me. He has Epilepsy. Through Hands That Heal we were able to get him a CT scan and medicine that is not available in Haiti. Since he has been on the medicine for approx 3 months he has been seizure free! He is soooo happy. I talked to him about it this trip. He had the biggest smile, it was great. Jean is very quiet and reserved. I had to beg him to smile for this picture. He showed me a picture of his 1 yr old daughter and introduced me to his sister last week. It is amazing what a simple pill can do for someone to change their whole life. He lived with terrible seizures for 25 yrs and now can function and not be afraid to be alone.
What a blessing to be a part of that for me. God is so good!


Gregory Dardas M.D. said...

Great news!

Gregory Dardas M.D. said...

Great News!!!! Please continue to keep us up to date about Jean.