Update on our friend Shnaider

Wow what a difference a year makes. It was a year ago now that Shnaider arrived for his first surgery. He looks like such a little guy and now he is all grown up! Shnaider proved himself to be a very resilient child. He went through 3 surgeries before all was said and done. He spent time with a couple different families and did amazing through all of it. He is such a happy go lucky kiddo.
On his last check with Dr.Young he was thrilled at Shnaiders progress. The shunt that is in place to keep the fluid drained off his surgery site gets to stay in place which means no more surgery! He will go back for a recheck soon but all seems to be healing properly.
We are so thankful to God for how he has protected Shnaider and brought all the right people into his life to care for him. Many have gotten to witness Shnaider's love and have touched his life. We thank God for Dr.Young, St.Vincent Hospital, the Truesdale's, the Mueller's, and the Hall family for being a part of his life.

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