GREAT News for Djemy!!!

Djemy and Guerlens--Dec. 2008

We just found out this week that Djemy has been accepted for Surgery in San Diego, CA, at Rady Children's Hospital. Letters have been written and are in transit to Haiti, via Fed Ex today. Please pray that they arrive in Haiti on Thursday, as expected!

We are praying that everything will fall in line to get him to the States before Christmas.
Will you please pray for this with us?

Djemy will be having multiple surgeries over the next year or more, to reconstruct his nose. We need to get him here, to bulk him up before his surgeries begin.

Please be praying for his little brother, Guerlens, that he will be leaving behind at God's Littlest Angels Orphanage. They are VERY CLOSE, and will miss each other terribly!

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