11 months old...

How can it be that Widlene is 11 months old already??? Here is a little something about this little Haitian princess from her host mom, Kate:

Well our little PRINCESS is 11 months old today! That is so hard to believe. She is amazing in everyway! She is really starting to mature and change. I am seeing her change and get stronger each day! She is pulling herself up and rolling over. Yesterday at soccer she balanced herself standing for about 8 seconds!

Widlene's next doctors' appointments are next Tuesday. If the doctors are done with her care, she will leave that day from Columbus, with Vanessa Carpenter, AMH. We are all praying that it will be very evident if there is something more that can be done for her here in the States!

Please pray for the Bowley family in this time of transition! They love Widlene like one of their own children, and have really bonded with her over the past seven months. Please pray for her host brothers, as it is always harder for kids to understand the "whys". Pray for Widlene, as she has a lot of major life transitions taking place in the next couple of months. She was too young when she came here to remember her family back in Haiti. Pray that she bonds quickly with them! Lastly, pray that she continues to grow and stay healthy!!!

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