Update on Widline...

Here is an update on Widline from her host mom: Kate. Thanks Bowley's for taking such good care of the "princess"!!!

We went to Widline's appointment yesterday with Dr. King. She now weighs 12 pounds 8 ounces. He mentioned that if she continues to grow at the same rate, she should catch up by the time she is 15 months old. So for what it is worth! She is doing really well. We now have the sz 15-16 dilator. He would like us to do 15 for two weeks then 16 for two weeks, then do nothing for 2 weeks, and bring her back after 6 weeks. I mentioned her possibly not being here that long because I was not sure what the plan was for her. He said under those circumstances, to just send the dilator with her. He said under normal circumstances he would see these types of patients at least every 6 months. He did mention working with fruits to keep her from getting constipated...right now she is on Miralax as needed.
So, we will be going back to Columbus on AUG 8th to orthopaedic. I am anxious to see what they have to say about her.

Here is a cute picture of Widline showing off her pearly whites! Finally got a good picture of them!

Take care--

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