Shnaider's Surgery

Carla (Shnaider's host mom) and I left with Jonas and Shnaider at 4am from Fort Wayne to make it to St. Vincent's by 6am.  The boys did great, and Shnaider did awesome before surgery; even though he had not eaten since 8pm the night before.  I got to meet Dr. Young, Shnaider's Neurosurgeon, and he is fabulous.  He was so nice, and explained everything really well, and even thanked us for giving him the opportunity to operate on Shnaider!  
WE ALL LOVE DR. YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!  Shnaider was taken back promptly at 8am, and the surgery was over around 1pm.  Shnaider did great, and all of the reconstruction went well.  They had to take a portion of his skull, on the right, back side; to use to reconstruct the missing skull in the front.  The portion of the skull that he removed should grow in over time.  If it hasn't grown back together by the time he is 4 or 5; we will bring him back to have a plate put on that portion of his skull.  The skin was still pulsing after everything was closed up, so Dr. Young put a pressure bandage on his forhead, and wrapped his entire head, and he will have to wear it for a couple more days.  This should eliminate any further pulsing.  They have kept him on a lot of pain meds., so he he is sleeping a lot.  He gets mad when the nurses mess with him, but then he goes back to sleep when they are done.  Carla has been a trooper!!!!!!  This is the first time she has ever had to deal with a sick child, and she is doing great!  This is a pretty intense surgery to start with! :-) (Thanks Carla!  You have been an awesome host mom!!!!!!!!)

We were worned that there would be a lot of swelling, and they were right!!!!!!!  They said the worst would be 48 hrs. post op, and that is today.  By tonight, the swelling should start to go down.  This is very scary for the patient, because their eyes swell shut, and they cannot see for a couple days.  His swelling is the worst they have seen in a while!  His eyes are swelled shut, and his eyelids are turning inside out.  An Opthalmologist came in to look at his eyes, and they are fine. The nurses are putting ointment on the lids to keep them moist.

All in all, he is doing great for what he has gone through these past couple days!  He has gotten all of his IV's removed, except for one in his foot.  He is off oxygen, and they are just waiting for the swelling to go down!  The doctors expect him to be able to go back to Fort Wayne Tuesday or Wednesday, and then be able to return to his family in Haiti the end of June!  I would love to be there when his mom sees him again for the first time!!!!!!!  He has grown so much in the time that he has been here, and he has the BEST PERSONALITY!

I want to say a personal "thank you" to all of the wonderful nurses and doctors that have cared for Shnaider!!!!!!!!!  He has had the BEST care!  Also, a HUGE "thank you" to St. Vincent's hospital, in Indianapolis, for donating the surgery and all of the expenses surrounding Shnaider's care!  

WE LOVE YOU ST. V'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a photo documentary from pre-op, to 24 hrs. post surgery:

                                                          (Waiting patiently for surgery)

                                                      (Carla (host mom) and Shnaider)

                                                            (Dr. Young and Shnaider)

                                                                  (One hour post-op)

                                                      (Look at his BEAUTIFUL nose)

                                                                      (24 hours post-op)

                                                                  (Poor guy!!!!!!!!!!)


Kim said...

I am so glad he is doing well and will be able to go home so quickly! I am assuming he didn't need a VP shunt. We are hosting a little boy, Jean Alex with an enceph. too. He had surgery last month, and will be staying with us for another several months. His surgery was a bit different from Shnaider's, interesting how different surgeons work differently.
God bless you!

BSC said...

Praising God that things have gone well and he will probably go home so soon. Wow!