i'm happy to report that widlene arrived yesterday afternoon to several people at the airport including her host family - one thing about it, when she returns to haiti, she'll be spoiled rotten for sure! - she's being loved on by everyone coming/going & she's eating it up! - i'll post more when i receive more information - thanks for all who've been praying for her (& us) - thanks to Angel Missions Haiti for arranging transport for Widline from Haiti to Virginia, and to Rebekah for traveling to virginia to pick up this precious bundle: I appreciate you!! - isn't this little girl precious??


4 lads for me said...

Well, since you had to ask---lol She is waaaaay precious, and I know she has us wrapped around her little finger! (I am sure you already knew that though!!!!)

Anonymous said...

How is Widline doing? I am so interested in her well being. Is her surgery/procedure scheduled? I told my husband that I would love to be a host family for a child in the future. We need to get Stanley home and settled first, but it sounds like a huge blessing to me. Bobbi